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Go-out Plex
Highland Laboratories 90 Capsules
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Picture of Go-out Plex
Go-out Plex 90 Capsules
By Highland Laboratories | Item #: 6830501008
Go-out Plex helps support healthy uric acid levels within the body. Go-out Plex contains Potassium citrate which elevates citrate levels in the urine and reduces calcium excretion and recurrence of stones while significantly reducing the levels of uric acid. Additionally, Go-out Plex contains Celery seed which acts as a diuretic, helping to eliminate excess fluid from the body, thereby assisting in the removal of toxins and uric acid. This formula also contains Bromelain which is derived from pineapple. The proteolytic enzyme of pineapple has been proved to be an effective anti-inflammatory agent in both clinical human studies and experimental animal models. Go-out Plex has added Tumeric or Curcumin to its formula. One compound in turmeric (curcumin) inhibits the synthesis of substances called prostaglandins in the body that are involved in pain. At high doses, curcumin stimulates the adrenal glands to release the body's own cortisone, a potent reliever of inflammation and the pain it often causes.
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